Few of My Favorite Things

Sure, I’ve been having a minor wardrobe crisis on and off for a while, but for some reason I currently feel most me in activewear. While actually doing something active, that is. I’ve never gotten into wearing leggings at work or even for getting groceries, but at the yoga studio -and lately while running- I never worry about my clothes. It’s all good. Otherwise I’m mostly confused about the summer that hasn’t even started by late July and basically keep guessing wrong (daily) while choosing between sweaters and t-shirts and feel weird about wearing the same stuff all year round. To be honest, I’d just like to lounge in my leggings and tank tops until I figure out what it is that I want to wear at the moment.

So obviously when I suddenly decided to try running, it all began by getting a pair of trainers and sewing leggings with a back pocket for keys. I’m freakisly insecure about everything related to sports (except ashtanga after six years of practicing), so I thought that I had to have at least a comfortable outfit to start with. No jogging in worn out pats and no carrying keys in my hand. 

I did some research on the pattern options, basically between Sewaholic Pacific Leggings and Papercut Ooh La Leggings. Pacific seemed tempting at first because of the pocket, but looking at the size chart it dawned on me that I was below size 0 for not being pear enough. And then I assumed that probably Ooh La Leggings had a waistband, so it would be super simple to just add a pocket in the seam. Well, they didn’t but it was still pretty easy. Not my best work ever because I was impatient and didn’t think everything through and for some reason used the serger on everything, but we certainly have a pocket here:

I made it big enough to carry my phone and keys, and so far it has functioned just fine. I don’t feel it while walking or running, so it’s been surprisingly stable. While sewing I was a bit worried that the zipper might make the waistband too tight, but it hasn’t been an issue. I made a straight size XXS, and shortened the legs by 5 cm. Could have taken a little more, but on the other hand I like having room for bending my knees and all that. I’m about 1 cm bigger than XXS, but it’s just fine with this lycra. If I’d make these in something less stretchy I’d definitely size up, though.

But hey, look at my leggings, matching my trainers! I had some neon lycra stashed here, so I cut those strips to show the hip seams (not side seams, but is hip seam a thing?)

And as you can see, I actually went out in leggings. And ran a little, since I’m trying to ease my crappy knees into it. I ran in public on a Saturday evening, past the bar district, and didn’t die. Also, super happy about the pocket:

The fit is pretty amazing in my opinion, and I love that high waist, too.

Because I had some fabric left and an already tested sports bra pattern, I made one. Somehow I don’t like the idea of getting outdoorsy dust and stuff on my yoga clothes, so I felt I needed one more for running. My previous Pneuma bra (also from Papercut) feels and looks too small, so I went a size up to XS this time. I had some nude powernet and flimsy FOE in the closet, and so far this combo has worked for me:

I eased the strap adjusting process by basting them loosely on the back, and then pinning the excess and measuring how much I needed to take out. Let’s say that it saved me from stabbing myself on the back.

I’m pretty damn happy with these things, and usually tempt myself to get off the sofa with “but you’ll get to wear your amazing leggings”


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