A Striped Raymond

This took some serious cutting effort, I tell you. My starting point with Raymond coat from Republique du Chiffon was fabric requirement of 270 cm vs. 200 cm of striped wool bought for something else half a year ago. Yeah, I make the smallest or second smallest size and shorten pattern pieces, but still. I think it was something like three hours from this:

To this:

Luckily my wool was double sized with a solid grey back, so I was able to cut all facings without matching the stripes. Otherwise it would have been a hopeless project.

I did have my doubts about chevrons on sleeves, but had dreamed of this thick, striped, fluffy coat for so long that using the grey side wasn’t an option. I really like the oversized striping, and eventually began to like the sleeves too. What I still don’t like, is the fact that I fucked up the collar. The cut was good enough to be eased to match the front, but first I somehow managed to clip the CB notch 5 mm off, and then didn’t check the stripe matching. I mean, I checked all other seams, but this one I just pinned and sewed twice over. And then turned open and almost cried:

Also, my seamripper is broken, and anyways ripping would have probably ruined the wool. 

And in the end I’ve been so happy about my new coat that I don’t even care anymore. The wool -backed with a very light poly-something vadding- is super warm, the pockets are deep enough to keep wind away from my wrists, and the collar has turned out to be much more covering than I expected. It’s like wearing a heavy rug really. And to make life pretty much perfect, I found black reflectors:

All in all, this was a fairly easy coat to make. It has about four straight seams, but with a steady wool it’s not an issue. It merely makes easing curves easy in my opinion. The collar -when properly checked- isn’t too fussy, and that’s the only super bulky seam. When I got to sewing, this took me about two days to make -with some knitting in between.

(Not for me, for a small relative.)


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