Slow Fashion, Fast Autumn

I’ve started to write at least three times since September, only to abandon the draft because there was no time to finish writing. Or no time to take blown-out photos in daylight until today. (Forgive me, I know they could be better.) I haven’t given up making clothes, just haven’t had time to document until everything’s already pilling and a little stretched in use. And there’s still a pile of half finished yoga pants on my table and an uncut piece wool fabric in the closet, waiting for the right moment. But hey, I’ve finished one pair of leggings and two sweaters! Crappy photos will follow:

First, my second Brooklyn Tweed Alloy. I made the smallest size the first time, but didn’t really like the fit. This one’s getting much more use for not feeling too short and ristricting. I made the second size (38?) using smaller needles, and got just the amount of additional ease I was looking for. The yarn is Lett Lopi, which has become one of my favorites: super warm and not itchy at all. The pilling usually calms down after a wash or two, and I’ve really worn this to death after finishing.

Also pictured: boring basic self-drafted yoga leggings. I don’t have much to say about these, but wanted to show them anyways.

And also pilling and being worn to death, my finally finished Docklight. I hadn’t done brioche in about 20 years, and it was as slow and annoying and pretty as ever. At first I tried to work this in heavier yarn, but it just didn’t work on my body at all. This is done using fingering weight Pirkkalanka, again smaller needles and bigger size, and I really like the drape. Downside is that the yarn can’t take much wear, but like Lett Lopi, I’m expecting this to calm down too in use.

It’s been a while since I’ve finished these, so unfortunately I don’t remember much details about the process. Also I’ve been swamped with work all autumn, so frankly, I don’t remember much about anything. Other than that it’s been freezing cold at the office, and these sweaters have saved my life. 

But anyway, now I’ve let you know that I’m not dead, and will be getting back to finishing yoga pants and tracing a coat pattern.


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