Pencil Skirt Appreciation Day Is Here

I just made that up, but it was for a good cause. Originally I decided to leave my second Zaria pencil skirt (from Named Clothing) completely unblogged, because what do I have to say about a basic black skirt?  Ok, maybe not much, but it seems that this pattern isn’t getting all the love it deserves, so basically I wanted to state that I’ve been almost living in this thing since I finished it and it’s anything but a boring basic.

I’ve made one last winter in faux leather, and even that one has gotten a lot more wear than I thought it would. For this second one I picked a nice wool with the thought that it might be good to have a more neutral everyday pencil skirt too. Paired with a t-shirt and Camper sneakers or 3 cm heels it’s been more than comfortable at my relatively relaxed office environment. 

It does shorten my steps a little, but the thing is, I get to choose when I’m in the mood for restricting clothing. In fact I tend to wear my pencil skirts on the days when I feel like shit, because they make me sit more upright and give me a more put together feeling. If you know what I mean? Also it seems to make me look at least 180 cm tall in photos, and I’m actually 153. (I’ve never before seen a long legged version of myself so this is pretty exciting.)

When it comes to the sewing process, I like to sew all seams but the CB which I’ll just baste to try the skirt on. The pattern obviously calls for stretch fabric, and they all behive differently so I’d rather not adjust the pattern permanently. I’ve only adjusted the length since I’m going to be short forever, but the width can of course vary. This time I kind of took the seams in too much, did all top stitching, and had to rip four seams up to hips to let them out again. It was pretty depressing at the time, but I’m so freakisly happy about the fit and not ruining this wool that I’m glad I did it. I mean, the wool is amazing enough to make me forget the stretch lining that’s made of something that sounds like syanide.

And then after that I forgot what happened the last time with the lining and attached it so that I had a closed circle of skirt and lining in my hands. I was blindly following the instructions, and didn’t check that I could actually turn the lining to the inside of the skirt. So more seam ripping, but at that point it was already tragicomic. Also taking into account that I was trying to finish this to wear on a date which ended up being cancelled last minute due to over sleeping. (Long story short, the re-scheduled date went nowhere,and I don’t think it had anything to do with not wearing a pencil skirt.)

To wrap this up, I friggin love this skirt and have no idea why so few people have made it. It will lengthen your legs by 30 cm and/or do all kinds of magic good things to your mind, promise.


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